And here we are!

More than 15 years ago, The owners João Alves dos Santos and Alda Silene Sousa dos Santos had the wish to share with the world the true flavor of the Amazon by means of a fruit that, although small, is known as a superfruit and has several nutrients: the açaí. From that wish arose, in the City of Castanhal, northeastern of the State of Pará, Acai Santa Helena, an industry specialized in the transformation and the commercialization of the best products of açaí.


Açai Santa Helena is proud to be part of the largest tropical forest in the world. And for such responsibility and commitment to the Amazon, we care about managing our waste properly, avoiding environmental and social impacts. We give our waste (açaí seeds) for burning in potteries, replacing the native firewoods; We carry out selective recycling and we have a treatment station for our effluents, thus contributing to the preservation and protection of the Amazon Rainforest.

90 tons of açaí per day

Our industry has a processing and production capacity that reaches, in the harvest period, 90 tons of açaí per day, considered one of the largest in the country, and guaranteeing our customers the availability of the best açaí in record time.